Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help The Baby Factory

Techie stuff and back blogging keeps me away from earning.. and I wish I still have some extra on my paypal, I wish to support Niko's cause and The Baby Factory cause.

I am a mother and I give birth and I knew how it was. I am a mother and I have kids and I knew how it was. Seeing the photos below and I just could not keep mum about it. And though I can't hit the donate button yet, I can help spread the word.

Fabella Hospital is a maternity hospital in Sta Cruz Manila. I have never been there but I am exposed to hearsays and first hand experiences from my friends in medical field. It was depressing.. (and let the photos speak for itself). Now at least I can do something about it. In the near future I plan to launch a campaign for this/ reach out existing campaigns. This blog being a parenting blog should be utilized in this kind of cause.

All photos taken from: Moms for Moms



fedhz said...

not that I'm not pro-life, pero dapat ang ginagawa jan eh, binibigyan ng libreng sex education - safe sex at bigyan sila ng libreng contraceptive.

hindi ung kelan nakalabas na ung mga bata tska sila mamroblema. nakakainis ngang makita ung mga bata sa lansangan na namamalimos lang at kung ano pa. kawawang mga bata. ayoko ng ganito. nanginginig nga kamay ko habang nagta-tayp eh.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

kawawa naman ang mga bata...dalawa sa isang higaan..curious lang ako..bakit may takip ang mga mata nila? di ko pa kc na experience manganak...wonderin bakit may takip ang mga mata ng mga sanggol?

Shari said...

It's the best part of blogging, isn't it? The ability to spread the word is so important.

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