Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red Ribbon's Barbie Birthday Cakes

• The Fashion Week Barbie 3-D cake shows Barbie strutting down her own
runway. Colorful sugar stars surround her as real blinking lights make
this cake a sight to behold.

• Barbie Palace Princess Cake reveals Barbie strolling the royal garden.
A majestic castle serves as her backdrop.

• Barbie as Merliah is seen in the Barbie Mermaid Lagoon Cake. Zuma, her
dolphin friend, joins her swimming in Oceana. The under the sea wonders
on this cake make it absolutely mesmerizing.

• The Barbie Fairy Garden Cake displays Barbie sitting under a beautiful
rainbow with a fairy friend perched on a real swing. Colorful sugar
flowers adorn the cake.


imriz said...

wow, my little girl would love this on her bday:)

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