Thursday, July 23, 2009

John Lloyd Cruz And Liz Uy Again!

After their controversial break up and the more controversial Ruffa G and John Lloyd secret Us dates, the ex couple, Liz Uy and John Lloyd Cruz, cross path again and a hug made it official, that they were done.

Yesterday at The Fort, Swatch launched their newest endorser, John Llyod Cruz. During the said launching, the company raffled off some watches and it was John Llyod who picked the lucky numbers. A number was called and turns out to be the number on Liz Uy's chip. Rumor has it that it take more than two calls before Liz stands up. John Lloyd did not waste any time and he walked right where Liz Uy is standing and handed her the prize, but only after a tight hug.

Although the tight hug does not mean anything, John Llyod said that he was just glad to see her again.

Asked about his current style (no more Liz magic), he says it was for his upcoming film with Luis Manzano and Vilma Santos. If you must know, after the said break up of John Lloyd and Liz Uy, John Lloyd's style went down from ten to 5..

before (still with Liz Uy)

life after Liz

Liz Uy is the fashion editor of the local magazine Preview.

OK guys, you be the judge..

all images courtesy of chuvaness


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

thanks sa update sa latest chika...akala ko cla p ni ruffa...

Dinah said...

dapat naman natuto na siyang pomorma sa tagal nila ni Liz no?

Snow said...

Ano kaya masasabi ni Ruffa dito..

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence, of all people si liz pa ang tinapatan ng bunot nya..?

Mys said...

i agree, he should have learned some fashion sense by now, he's been a celebrity for a while already.

onlinemommy said...

Gurl, dinaig mo c Cristy Fermin d2 ha hahaha...

Pero tumpak ka gurl! Mas gwapito c John Lloyd noon. D ko n sya feel ngayon :D Nwala ang glow sa kanyang face.

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