Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Color Coding In Pasig

August 19, 2005, the Mayor of Pasig city suspended the color coding scheme in Pasig City. Now, three years after, the suspension was lifted. Starting today Pasig City Traffic Enforcement will implement color coding scheme.

Color Coding Scheme is a traffic scheme that aims to lesses traffic jams (I think). For a certain day a car depending on tis plate is not allowed on the road (except for Holidays or scheme suspensions). If you are not familiar with it, this is how it works:

1 & 2 - Mondays
3 & 4 - Tuesdays
5 & 6 - Wednesdays
7 & 8 - Thursdays
9 & 0 - Fridays

If the ending number of your plate number is 1 or 2, you can't drive on Mondays. If it's a 3 or a 4, you can't drive in Tuesday and so on,

The color coding in Pasig will have its open window between 9AM to 4 PM. Open window means you can drive around even though it's your coding day.

This reminds me of an incident.. a funny one with a touch of suspense. Our coding day is Wednesday and it so happens that my schedule for my pre natal is also Wednesday. In some areas, the open window time is 10 AM to 3 PM. It was 30 minutes before 3 PM and we're not even near Pasig (no color coding in Pasig yet). Five minutes to three and we were somewhere in EDSA. Just as the car clock strikes three, the car hit the fly over to Pasig! Whew!

As for those concerned, the coding will be effectve today but as I have heard, they won't issue tickets yet. By next week, implementation will be more strict. Better be careful guys!


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