Monday, July 13, 2009

Driving On Expressways

The last time we went to our province, we travel through the new expressway. Honestly, it was tiring than our usual route. Yes, it was faster but the distance we traveled almost doubled. The lack of houses and traffic along the road made it more tiring. I never though that less traffic is not good too. I had to summon all my powers so that i would not fall asleep. It was a very sleepy travel. I guess if we will use a Volkswagen turbocharger, it will be shorter and less tiring. After all turbo charger can make your cars go faster.

The SCTEX and the Mount Arayat


MommaWannabe said...

Naks galing, blend na blend ang link. Di halata hehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

I had same thing experience, like me i do driving home from Manila to my hometown in Cagayan Valley for almost 14 hours,i really feel tired coz could you imagine that long hours of journey.
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Hazel said...

Wow! nakakamiss ng Pinas ang pic! I've come across Mt. Arayat in grade school Social Studies but never knew what did it look like or at least I could not remember ever seeing a photo of it. pati na nga tong SCTEX. Thanks for the visual aid!

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