Thursday, July 16, 2009

In The Rooms On FB


I remembered a friend of my mother who has a drug dependent son. It has been very hard for them to take the drugs away from him. After some time the son took control of his life and stayed away from drugs, Now he is currently attending recovery sessions. I heard form my mom that he is doing great on his sessions but sometimes he was still shamed to face people.

I heard about InTheRooms and remembered my mom's friend. According to the son, some of the people he met on his sessions are not proud of what they ere going through, thus they remain anonymous to each other. Sometimes though, they encounter but when they greet each other they never say that they saw each other in their session. The in the rooms is like their secret code for their recovery meetings.

Now that Facebook is all over, a new application is launched that is targeted to people that has been and still going "in the rooms". The InTheRooms Facebook App gives them the anonymity they want and the support they need.



Hazel said...

that's great. my mother's friend has a drug-dependent son too, actually basket case na e. labas-masok sa rehab. kawawa talaga and u can't believe it as his parents are community leaders, the mom is a regional biggie of the department of education. thanks for mentioning this facebook application. yong account ko doon walang alaga heheh...

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