Sunday, July 26, 2009

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Two of my most frequented site blog about this.. and I just have to check it out. It was so lovely and darn so funny. Chris Brown's Forever made it more fun.

Jill and Kein (that's why JK) Heinz surprised their guests by dancing, not during the reception but dance way down the aisle. The dance number was due to JIl's (bride) wishes. She says that she has been dancing all her life..(yeah why not dance her way to her life..)

Now their video is a you tube sensation! The video is has 5,202,326 views.. how's that for a stat? And as a result, the couple appeared in Today's Show and Good Morning, America.

Would you walk down the aisle in that tune (specially if it will land you on two American show)?


Anonymous said...

galing ah, sumikat sila becoz of that video..parang si arnel pineda ano? good luck to both of them...

reyna elena said...

it was certainly different, out of the ordinary and they truly had a good time. now, shouldn't all weddings be like that di ba?

leche! kaya pag kinasal ako! gusto ko ganyan dennnn!!!

that is, kung mahuli ko yong boylet kong tinakasan ako't bitbit ang pridyidir ko! grrr!!!!

fedhz said...

galing! very creative!!! gusto ko rin ng ganun sa kasal ko. charush!

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