Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pacmom Famous or Infamous?

Rumors has it that Pacmom or Mommy Dionisia (Manny Pacquiao's mom) is having an affair with a dance instructor. To this Pacmom wittingly answered: Gawa gawa lang 'to kase sikat na ako!

What do you think guys?


Dinah said...

Ha ha, sikat na nga si Mommy Dionesia! And whether she is really having an affair or not, go for it! Di ko naman siya nanay :-)

Rossel said...

puro hirap kase naranasan nya noon kaya siguro ngayon nya ini-enjoy buhay nya.

DanaTelecom said...

Heh, really?!!

Beng said...

ay di ko sya type at wiz ko sya pinanonood..hehehe..para kasing papansin (inggit ba ako..oo sa milyones nya..hehe)

Hazel said...

juice ko dai...aw-aheheheheh... natawa ako sa famous or infamous mo Peh. aling dionisia (i like to call her that, not mommy lol) is just another stage mother, her behavior tells us all she is enjoying the limelight, thanks to her son's wealth-acquiring talent.

P.S. ok na rin sa akin yong HP6, nagkandarapa nga lang ako sa escort kung ayaw pumasok kaya i'm planning to watch it again. right now i'm rereading the book (for some post about it for thursday hopefully), and my students are trying to steal it. i told them to perfect the midterms next week and the book is theirs.

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