Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sharing Is Fun

I have been asking my hubby to make a simple template for me. I want him to make templates that are easy to tweak. I really like tweaking templates. I would download template files ad change the colors or headers. Like the one I use here. The original header of this template is not like that. I tweaked to suit my taste and my blog needs. I really hope hubby can make a good one soon. I am excited to share my template designs using Rapidshare Search Engine. I knew a lot of people use rapidshare. In fact most of free templates I had, I used rapidshare to download it.

When I am done making templates (or tweaking ones that hubby created). I will share it all to you guys. My hands are itching right now.


Snow said...

How sweet naman of your hubby pehpot! I'm looking forward to see your new template.



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