Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cory Aquino's Funeral Route

NO ROADS WILL BE CLOSED TO TRAFFIC.. IT IS IN YOUR OWN DISCRETION TO PREVENT THE FUNERAL ROUTE.. unless of course you really want to participate in the funeral procession..

The funeral route is from Manila Cathedral, the funeral procession will pass Anda Circle on Bonifacio Drive in Intramuros and proceed to Roxas Boulevard.

It will take a left at Quirino Avenue and a right at OsmeƱa Avenue straight to the South Luzon Expressway. It exits at Sucat Road. The convoy will then take a left at Manila Memorial Park where Aquino will be buried. SOURCE

Final commendation by Bishop Soc Villegas

Tita Cory, I know you can hear me. You have to go now. God has called you back home. We who are still here on earth are not ready to say goodbye. We will never meet a woman as great as you for a very long time. We will miss you. We accept it. You are not ours. It’s the truth but it hurts deeply.

Tita Cory, thank you for being our light during our darkest hours. Thank you for being our strength when we were afraid. You gallantly showed us that to be a Filipimo is great blessing from God. Thank you for showing us your greatness. You were born to wealth and plenty but you lived in simplicity and humbly carried our painful misery.

Tita Cory, thank you for teaching us how to pray. Amid clashing voices and confusing noise, your prayer was a silent power. You taught us that true people power is prayer power. In the past weeks, as you suffered alone in your hospital room, you were still teaching us how to pray again. How your afflictions with grace-filled resignation taught us the dignity of suffering. Thank you for teaching us to stand up for freedom and to preserve democracy no matter the cost. You gave us a new meaning for yellow, the color of your love for your country and her people.

Tita Cory, thank you for showing us the true meaning of love for family through your love for your children and their love for you. Even now in their moment of ineffable grief they share you with us, sacrificing moments of personal mourning and sharing with us their loving memories of you.

Tita Cory, thank you for fighting for us. You never fought any battle for yourself. You surrendered everything to God a long time ago. You fought cancer valiantly, not for you, but for us, because we told you we needed you and we were afraid to face life without you. In our heart of hearts, we whispered to God to take away your pains and give them all to us. Tita Cory, we were willing to suffer instead of you. That is how much we love you.

Tita Cory, thank you for teaching us how to die. You died many years ago when you gave up the privacy of your life for the sake of your senator husband. You died many years ago when you listened to the clamor of your countrymen and challenged the dictator in the snap elections. We were helpless, you helped us. When we felt hopeless, you ignited our hope. You died again in 1986 when you reluctantly assumed the presidency, sacrificing your cherished privacy in order to become our icon of hope for a cynical and bleeding nation. And when you gladly turned over the presidency to your lawful successor, with childlike joy you returned to the cherished life of private citizen Cory. But not for long because you had to die again and again since then, when each time we had a problem we ran to you, disturbed your retirement, sought your leadership and drank from the fountain of your wise inspiration we thank God that in our lifetime, we met a great Filipino like you.

Rest now, rest in peace Tita Ciry!

Thank you Tita Cory, thank you very much. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for teaching us how to live and die for others.

We promise to love this country as you loved us. There is darkness in our land because you are gone. But we know, we have enough light within us because you have shared with us your fire.

We’re not ready to live without you. It will take a long while to start again without you but move on to heaven, dear Tita Cory, move on. The battle is over, the victory is won. You are now truly free. You are now fully happy. Move on to heaven and be with your beloved Ninoy forever. Heaven is where the two of you will die no longer. Harvest the rich of fruits of your toil on earth.

When in heaven, I know you will see again my beloved Cardinal Sin. Please bring to him my love and with him pray to God for our beloved country, the Philippines.

Rest now Tita Cory, rest in God.

Paalam po, at Salamat.

RIP President Cory Aquino.


josie said...

I'm still watching the funeral since morning procession up to now,it haven't reach the cemetery yet. I'm not going on Gildilocks affair me bagyo naman kasi.
bahala si Jade sa Aug. 13 sabi nya treat nya daw ako. hehehe

mye said...

grabe! traffic talaga siguro...but you know...this is history and we should be thankful we had her as our president.

Jona said...

let's light a candle for Cory. thanks!

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