Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fleas And Dogs

I never liked fury animals because of the fleas they bring. When I was a kid, our family gave us a lot of itch. The itchy feeling was very frustrating. At night you can't sleep that much because you want to scratch and scratch, but you know that if you will continue scratching, it will just tore your skin. Back then, even picture of fleas made me itchy. It was a traumatic experience for us kids then. That is one of the reason why I never liked dogs. I know there are precautions that you should take to prevent flea contamination, but the risk factor in fury animals are very high. I can't take risk when it comes to fleas.

My friends have been telling me that proper grooming and shampooing is the best way to prevent dog fleas. Knowing my kids desire to have a dog pet, a lot of them shared their nice experiences with it. They also mentioned that there are more than enough vet clinics for dogs and they can surely treat fleas. I am not sure about it. Maybe in time when I will get out of the itchy trauma and give the kids a surprise gift.


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