Friday, August 28, 2009


First it was my friend Earth, then Chuvaness. I don't indulge myself with political chorva but hey there is something here that I want to write. It started out as a simple yellow bracelet with the face of Senator Jamby Madrigal. I shrugged it off and never believed it was really her. Come on guys, it was a cheap shot move, just a dumb can think of such a foolish act like that. Then this blog (sorry no links). Supposed to be a blog by or from the camp of the Senator. I am not really sure as there is no disclaimer coming from Senator Jamby Madrigal.

The blog caught Earth's attention due to some nude photos of Mauie Taylor posted on the site. A not so good and very personal attack is what Earth got. Then the blog accused Chuvaness of commenting on her own blog (using pseudonym) with a pic of the infamous bracelet.

Now let's analyze the truth behind the bracelet and the blog. Do you think Senator Jamby Madrigal has anything to do with the bracelet and the blog? Is it an act to discredit the Senator and ruin her chances on the coming election? What's your take on this? Me? I can think of two scenarios. First, the Senator does not know anything about this hullabaloo but is not coming out to defend herself. Maybe the Senator is waiting for the right media exposure to expose that she has nothing to do with it. Maybe she does not want to involve herself in low life level activity such as this.

Second is much more complicated and I don't know if you will agree. Maybe Senator Jamby Madrigal is the person behind this all. It's another plot to increase the popularity of the Senator. They planned the bracelet incident knowing it will give a bad image to the Senator. They know that it is very disrespectful to the late President Aquino. They also know that it can create noise. Most importantly they can deny the fact that it was indeed came from their camp. They used the argument that it was foolish. They gained two points publicity, bad one and good one, and you know good or bad, is still a publicity.

How about the blog? As simple as the bracelet. Maybe Senator Jamby Madrigal's camp was behind it all. It has all the elements to be scandalous and make it big on the Internet. It talks about and trash famous blogger personalities. It post nude photos of known celebrity. And most importantly, the blog is a dot blogspot dot com. How? They can simply deny their involvement with the blog. They have money dude, why would they put up a blog who's domain is not their own? Gets mo? The most interesting part is, maybe the camp is just waiting for the right time to deny that they own the blog. It is waiting for the biggest media exposure this blog can attain then boom, Senator will make a fuss about it. The Senator might even suggest a law regarding this one. And the funniest scenario I can think of, is the Senator's camp siding Earth and Chuvaness and all the people the blog talked about.

Isn't that a good plot or am I watching too much TV?


earthlingorgeous said...

Naku nahiya naman ako dito, I'm not as famous as Chuvaness kaya nakakaloka na pati ako pinatulan ng blogger na ito diba.

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