Monday, September 14, 2009

Trading Gold and Gold Coins

It was a common sight that during afternoons, am old woman roams around our place. You can hear her calls asking for a gold coin, that she can buy. I ma not really familiar with the value of gold coins. Aside from that I have never seen one in my life. Yesterday, I heard again her familiar voice and without thinking I went outside and ask about why she is buying gold coins. I was really glad that she was kind enough to answer my queries. According to her, it has been her source of income for a time now. I was dumbfounded as I cannot understand how she can earn from it when in fact she was paying for it. Then she made it clear that it was actually a buy and sell kind of business.

Gold are know to be one of the most expensive metal. The price of gold ranges from it's type and size. Most jewelries are made of gold. I can't think of anyone (except me) who is not into gold. If not for my acidic body chemistry, I would have asked gold jewelries from my hubby. And during this time of crisis, gold is as good as cash. You can trade in your gold coin in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is call a very reputable gold traders.

Now it was very clear to me how they manage to buy gold coins and then they would look for reputable traders and trade it into cash. It seems a pretty nice business and though the income is not stable, it is quite good. But of course we must always be careful on dealing with these kind, I suggest you look for a good gold traders on the net. Look for someone who don't have a bad record and can make your buy and sell experience, golden!


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