Thursday, October 29, 2009

GT: Accessories

Another GT day... I can't get enough of this meme, not because Marce Niko started this. GT is just genius and fun. Now this week's theme is accessories! I don't know to you but when I think of kikayness, I thought of Jade..I am quite sure that she has a lot to show for this week's theme.

During the time that I love wearing accessories, this is my favorite, bought it in Greenhills for less than $10 and I loved it!!

When I had Chico, accessories is definitely a NO NO.. you know how kids munch on the small round things on your neck, afraid he might swallow it. So when I had him, the best accesories I got is this:

AND EYE LOVE IT! because I got a lot of attention (yep sometimes I am an attention whore).. It's like wearing something special. Fedhz reminded me (while showing her my new sling for Sati.. she visited me last Tuesday, beh!) that a post about this sling was one of our blog conversation starter. When I started blogging and Kaye suddenly went offline (or was to busy cursing her internet provider), Fedhz and I became closer.. Now almost a year after, Fedhz and Kaye (and Niko and Jade and Yami and Gene and Seiko.. and... wanna apply?!?) are now my MARCE..

I remember a friend of mine who has pearl (fake of course) accessories on her bag. I asked her what are those for, she says, it starts conversation.. and in my case, y sling accessories did start something nice.

Just so you know (but I am not sure who started it).. MARCE is gayish KUMARE or in foreign language, a godmother of your kid..


shelo's garden said...

hi sis, yes I agree that sling accessory is quite eye catching.. It's like a carrier pero pwede pang accessory noh.. love it..

Yami said...

Di rin ako mahilig sa accessory ngayon. yung nagiisa kong relo masikip pa kasi tumaba braso ko. Lolz.

Mareh very stylish ang sling na yan.

anne said...

I love that sling with your baby, that is so special, it really made me smile. mine is up please take a peek thanks

Mom of Four said...

Been curios on that sling thingy for the babies, di ba nababali mga binti nila dyan?? Or di kaya ma untie yan at malaglag ang baby?? My kids had the carrier na naka snap sa aking katawan, pero sapo sapo ko pa rin sila, hehehe!

Anyways, that's a great accessories a mom can have. Oh ha.. Bakit ako di Marce, wahhhh! di ako kasali sa Samahan ng mga Magagandang Kababaihan, bhuhuhuhu!

Anonymous said...

nice one!

nikogirl said...

oi u need to teach me how to use that sling.. hihihih

in fairness girls nmn are like that.. attention whore but in a nice way naman.. :D

mare nanganak knb?? ihhhhh

see u next week ha.. sana mkpag sched kn.. fave drinks nman! mwha mwah

nuts said...

you always amazed me with your post. YOu have the most precious accessories ever!

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