Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Activities

I just woke up a while ago and I was cold. I can already feel the coldness in the wind. It makes me feel that Christmas is already here. Now I long for food that are Christmas associated, like fruit cake and local delicacies. I remember how we used to party during this season. I am pretty sure people will be busy parting too. Lots of activities are associated with Christmas like gift giving, playing games and even playing online bingo or playing traditional one. Parties and foods are everywhere. And we're gonna have our own little party too, will tell about it later (something to do with Sati).

Some of the Christmas activity that I really like is the mass every morning. Here in our country, 9 days before Christmas, a mass is held every night or every dawn. I can't remember the reason or the significance of it. When I was still studying in Laguna, I used to attend the mass there. It was fun and fulfilling (for my empty stomach) and spiritually uplifting. The church prepares a ready breakfast for church goers. They would give us hot bread, white cheese and a choice of hot coco or coffee (yes with cream).

my old V8 did not do justice on the stockings,
promise to take a good shot this season..

But my most favorite activity this holiday is hanging of stockings for Santa! Aside from the excitement it can bring to my kids, I love the pressure and the stress it gives to me while sewing it. Last year while I was sewing Chico's stocking (the photo above was take last year and see, I am not done with Chico's stocking then), I told myself that it would be my last stocking, but now, I am pressured to sew another one, this time for Sati. Why is it that a mom's work is never finished?


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