Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bee Mommy is BUSY Mommy

Oh my, I missed blogging! This is the first time (since I got my notebook) that I did not go online for the whole day. Oh yes, I am signed in on my IM account but I am not really online. I am really busy, that's what I got for inviting my siblings here.. haha.. but of course I like it more than anything else.

Aside from the traditional Noche Buena, I am also preparing for Sati's baptismal (yes, you're invited). I need to cook a lot and prepare a lot of food. If there is one site that is happy about my busyness, that wold be Dishes by pehpot. My very own food blog. For sure, I will be blogging about the food that I prepared this season. Wanna take a peak? er, why don't you just come over here..

Just before publishing this rant post I managed to snap a few shots of my kids doing some caroling on the street. That was their first time and they got some few coins and they are happy. don't you wish Christmas is that simple?

And oh, I am still not finished decorating my house.. waaahhh


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