Thursday, December 31, 2009


I had a great year because of you guys.. I hope this coming year won't be different.. Happy New Year!!!


Yami said...

Happy New Year, Marce Peh!

More blessings and good health for our families, relatives, blogger and non-blogger friends (puro bloggers na lang mga friends ko ngayon hehe), and to the Marce club. :)

Hugs and kisses for the kids especially Sati. :)

More power to our blogging career in 2010!

A.Marie said...

You have such a nice blog! I found you while I was on Entrecard, and although this is my first visit here, I will definitely be back! :)

Mom of Four said...

Same too you Mare. You know what was one of the greatest thing happened to me this year? I got to be Sati's Ninang, yehey!!!

Oh Yeah, I also became Yena's Ninang, Blogging rocks!!!!

Seiko said...

Happy New Year Mare...hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your New Year's Eve with your family...More abundance, blessings and good health to you!!hugs!

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