Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet Brother

I was out a while ago, er, not a while ago but earlier yesterday (since it's 1 AM already). My sister wants to go to the parlor but she wants me to accompany her. And since, I can no longer tolerate her asking again and again, I gave in. The only condition is that she would help me cook our dinner. Got her! She did helped me in slicing the onions (which she hates so much) and some garlic too and ginger. After cooking our meal, off we go to the nearest mall here.

It was not a busy day in the mall but when we arrived there, my hair stylist was attending someone. We had to wait for 5 minutes or more before she can attend my sister. And when it was her time, me and Chico went inside the department store. Oh my, I think I would need debt management badly. Chico wants to buy a lot of stuff for her baby girl! He saw a cute pink dress and he keeps telling, baby! baby! Even if the dress are not that expensive, if he would buy Sati a dress every time we went out, I would be in deep debt in no time. But it was really sweet of him to think of his sister. It was really cute how he insists on buying the dress he chose. I will post Sati's pic after the helper washed the clothes Chico bought for her.


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