Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bee Mommy's SHOE

Bee Mommy is a site about my personal thoughts, relationship, fashion and celebrity. So I will be posting here my Seven Heaven On Earth when it comes to the topics I mentioned. Today, I was happy because of the following reasons:

  1. I might see Niko tomorrow
  2. A promise of meeting a blogger next week. Not yet a promise but we might.
  3. Being able to prepare hubby's breakfast earlier.
  4. Watching Showtime! (ang babaw ko, but I really enjoy watching this show)
  5. Watching The Golden Compass in HBO.
  6. An email from Jade! yes marce, I am more than willing to join the fun :)
  7. Browsing for Red dress. My fraternity brod is getting married on April and it is a requirement that we are dressed on red and the boys on coat and red tie (ang romantik no)
Tomorrow will be another day and another SHOE post is about to come. What do you think will make me happy tomorrow?

This is for Earth’s 2nd Blog Anniversary Treat


Clarissa said...

I bet red dress would be perfect on you!Take a picture before going out sa wedding day ng frat bro mo ha!And have fun!!^_^

MommaWannabe said...

Thanks Marce! I a lookinf forward to your post.

Mys said...

I obsessed over this movie. I had to read the books. In the end, I liked the books but since it was deep I got lost sa dulo. Hay.

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