Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Prepare

It was Tuesday, January 12, when Haiti was hit with a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake. It was one of the darkest hour in the history. Thousands of people died that day and more than a million people were affected. One of the major problem that I saw (from the news) was transporting dead bodies. The streets are damaged and it was also hard to look for the bodies inside collapsed buildings.

Here in our country, there are families who contact companies that offers shipping deceased. Yes, there were Filipinos who died in Haiti earthquake. Imagine how hard it was for them. They have to wait for updates and pray hard that their relatives would be seen alive. And when they learned that their relative was dead, they have to do a lot of paper works. They also need to work on the funeral service of their dead love ones. It was really hard. The emotional trauma the earthquake left was really deep.

And then more than 2 months after, another earthquake shocked us. It was really scary to think what will happen next. But more to being scared, I think we should be prepared.


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