Friday, March 19, 2010

Orange SHOE

Again, for Earth’s 2nd Blog Anniversary Treat I doing this SHOE or Seven Heaven On Earth.

Today (or last night), here are the list that made me happy and buzzing like a bee.

  1. Glutamax result will be on April. It means the contest was true. I hope I can win kahit gift pack lang! I love GlutaMAX products.
  2. John Mayer (that's for my friend Joana)
  3. Watching Echo do the chicken dance, kahit korni, ang pogi pa din ahihi
  4. Call to Niko
  5. Reading Chuvaness
  6. Reading emails. I get high doing that.LOL specially if it says, an advertiser has accepted your bid bwahaha
  7. Dutch email, thank you for Google Translate and I hope the offer is good.
Tomorrow, let's see what 7 things will make me smile. Tomorrow is Saturday I bet I can list more than 7 :)


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