Thursday, March 4, 2010

Triple Treats!

She got angels in her garden, but she is an angel too! Thanks a lot Polly for this wonderful awardsss.. and now I will pass this on the Marce Club:

Random WAHM
Niko's Blog
Momma Wannabe
Seiko’s Diary
Her and History
This is My Life
Pen, Paper, Pan
Blog Appetite
Just About Anything
The Mommy Journey
Home Buddies

First award says: you're going places, baby

Recipients of this award have to tell where you see yourself in 10 years.

In ten years? Sati would be ten then, so maybe, I can have a day out with the Marce Club and a grand event with the She Bloggers Club

The second award, I already mentioned here and the third one too.


Seiko said...

Thank you for this award Mare!Will post it too.Smooch!
I'm looking forward for that day to come Mare.
Btw,Ngareply na ako marce dun sa message sa Face Book just to inform you that my answer is YES!Parang nagliligawan naman tayo nito Mare lol
Just send it to me & I'll send it back to prob sa side ko marce.Count me in!
Hugs to Sati & the boys!:D

Chris said...

thanks so much sa awards pehpot :D

Clarissa said...

Congratulations to your awards dear!!Ang sarap ng maraming friends dito,nagbibigayan ng awards and tags!!

hooisst!!ba't ka naman nagtatampo lol!pasencya na at medyo nawawala ang kaluluwa ko dito sa ere.upakan mo na lang ako para magising minsan hahahahaa!!

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