Friday, April 9, 2010

Adgitize: Increase Traffic

Why I love Adgitize?

Not because they pay me and I earn from them. I love adgitize because my traffic increase because of them. In my other sites, I experienced a soar up in the sky type of traffic increase. Imagine from an alexa ranking of 22M, I got 600k. I would advertise on them and pay them $12. In days where I am not lazy, I click 51 sites. There were days that I don't. And there was a month where I am on it and I was amazed that I earn more that I paid for.

Yes, I got traffic. I was paid. What else can I ask for?

But there were times that I don't earn that much and still I am very happy with their system as I already got what I paid for, traffic.


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