Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Does Not Love Basketball

Although most of my friends thinks I am a guy at heart, I don't love sports. The only sports that I used to love is basketball. I did not learned how to dribble a ball, much try shooting the ball. My hands are are too weak for that. I just love watching it and cheering for the players. When we were in high school, basketball as one of our subject in Physical Education. Although I never learned the sports I do remember that I enjoyed the sports so much. Blame that to my best girl friend. She is so into basketball that she is also basketball betting. During the finals of any season, she would bet for her favorite team against our classmate's favorite team. Sometimes I would bet with her or against her.

It was really fun to watch with her. She would scream and yell when her favorite losses a game. She would kick when ever her favorite player scored a 3 point shot. Talking about basketball now made me miss her. Well, actually, I just visited her last Thursday but you know, time are a bit different now. She is more feminine now, having kids changed her a bit and am really happy for her.


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