Saturday, May 8, 2010

Road Stories

Having a car is one of the best thing that happened to our family. We no longer worry on how much the taxi will charge us. Or if we can ever find one. Now we don't have to wait for long queues on taxi bays. And we no longer have to worry for our safety. But having a car of our own, exposed us to more spending. Although we still don't need the service of car repair shop like Dallas auto repair, we tend to spend more because we travel more. Since we had our car, we have to a lot of places (but mostly North Luzon). And why not? Traveling is a sure way to make the family stronger.

My mom also loves traveling, so whenever we went for a ride, my mom would always come along. And she was the one who loves to stop on everything she sees on the road. She would stop on a corn vendor, on a furniture vendor and even on newspaper stand. Anything that catches her attention. I know her dream car is something like Chevrolet Silverado. She can put all the things she bought along the way on the back of the truck.

The only problem when we travel is that it's hard to suddenly stop when you are speeding on the highway. Like for example, we saw something that we want to check out, we just can't stop that fast. Although the car can do that kind of brake job, we have to take note of the cars behind us. Last time when we suddenly stopped, the car behind us almost hit us. So now, whenever we see something fancy on the road, we just drool as we passed by, and hope that on our way back, it would still be there.


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