Friday, May 28, 2010

Rubber Mats

One of the first thing hubby bought for his car was floor mats. You see, when we had our car, the floor mats were made out of carpet. And we already have two toddlers then (now two boys). Just imagine how messy our car floor was. So hubby bought rubber floor mats. Rubber floor mats was very useful and convenient to us. When it is rainy an we have to get out and get in on the car, we don't have to worry about messy and wet floor. Or when it is very dusty and our feet are full of sands, we don't have to avail of vacuum service for the floor mats since it is a rubber one.

Now, I am not too sure if the rubber mats are still there. Remember that our car was submerged into flood water for days and it tool us three months to get it back into shape? Not us actually but the insurance company only gave it back to us after three months. I did not noticed if the rubber mat was still intact. I will look for the mat tomorrow. Saturday will be another busy day. But if the mats are gone, for sure hubby will buy another set soon.


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