Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Cars is something that i want to learn. I want to know every aspect of it. Aside from the fact that I like it, I also take into consideration my kids. If you ask me about car brnds, I can only say two or three, I am not familiar with the brand Chrsyler. And now I know why.. it's a bit expensive than the brands I know.

Then again, when I was looking for things to write on my manly blog, I stumble upon Dodge. Dodge is an automobile manufactured by Chrysler. There are several different Dodge vehicles but I am quite curious with Dodge Charger. I found some dodge charger accessories that are so cool. Based on my readings, owning a Dodge Charger means having a heavy responsibility. This is not an ordinary car so an owner must take good care of it in all aspects. Parts and accessories should always be of highest quality. It's hard but of course there are stores that you can trust when it comes to dodge charger accessories.

I know I cannot have this kind of car any time soon but if ever I will have in the future, I will definitely take car of it.


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