Thursday, June 3, 2010

Even Numbers

Do you know that I never liked Odd number? It's either even number or a umber that ends in 5 or 0. As of date, er, as of early this day, I have 3 subdomain blogs and 9 domain blogs. And since I never liked even number, I just have to add more domain. I have been thinking of putting up a blog that talks about random best things. So there, bought that domain earlier. Then, I took the courage of buying another two. I have been thinking of buying another one that talks about debt and credit card debt settlement but not for now. I still need to manage the 3 new domains I bought. The best thing about my domains and numbers is that the total number of site I own now is 15, 12 domains and 3 blogspot subdomain (and though I am not into odd number, for some reason I love number 3).

So the next few weeks, I am up to building my sites, doing lay outs, and submitting it to directories. Bee mommy is busy as usual.


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