Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Tubs

Bath tubs are not a common thing here in out country. Only few houses have their own tubs and spas. Having your own bath tub at homes means you are financially well off. Well, hot tubs spas here in our country is not that cheap. Some people even go to resorts and hotels just to experience swimming and bathing at spa and hot tubs.

A hot tub is a large tub (home made or manufactured) or it can also be a small pool filed with hot water and is used for soaking to relax the body. It is also believed that soaking in hot tub is therapeutic (it's called hydrotheraphy). Hot tubs are usually placed outside but in a way, it is in a secure and private place as some people love to dip in their tub naked. If you want to see what hot tubs look like, just go to the nearest bath store or search on the net. Actually you will be surprised to learn that there are two different kinds of hot tub, wooden and plastic. If one is considering on buying a hot tub, they should know that water sanitization is the number thing they should focus on and also they should be familiar on safety checklist of hot tubs. Since warm water is very nice environment for bacterial growth, owners should be really careful to prevent bacterial infection like respiratory infections.

Hot tubs were first called hot tub due tot he fact that the early tubs used are made of round wood. Nowadays, it is also referred to as home spa or portable spa. Home spa though are a bit different with portable spa. As the their names suggest, home spa are hot tubs that are surrounded by cabinets which made it almost like it was part of the house. Portable on th eother hand are assembled spas.

My kids, seeing hot tubs in TV actually prompted me to write about it. They saw one and they have been asking about spa for days now. They think it's cool to have your own little pool on your house.


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