Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Perfect Swimwear

Summer has officially ended here in our part of the globe, but in some parts, it only just begun. And what is summer without the beach, swimming and having fun. Summer is almost synonymous to wearing fashionable women's swimwear. Everyone has no reason not to. The heat and the inviting waves of beaches are too hard to ignore. Even men nowadays are showing interest on shopping for mens swimwear. But before your start buying your swimwear, let me god you tips on how to spot one that is right for your body.

Know your body. There are different kinds of swimsuit that flatters different kinds of body types. For example if you are more on the upper part and less on the lower part, consider looking for a swimsuit that will not make your upper body bigger and will give your lower part a boost.

Know your size. There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing an over sized swimsuit. So before paying, try it and test it. Swimsuit is almost a lingerie, it should be of perfect to your body and of course you have to be comfortable wearing it.

Last but not the least, know your color. Do not wear something that will not compliment your skin tone. be comfy, be beautiful and be sexy this summer.


Chris said...

i think i should have a new swimwear by next summer, something more conservative kaya? :)

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