Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pet Project

I told you I bought another three domains last week. And yesterday, I bought another one, blogniverse dot com. I love using that word, it is almost synonymous to blog sphere or blog world. And since I am working out a project that will unite blogger who wants to monetize their blogs, that name fits very well to the project. Now, I am faced with the hosting dilemma. I have a website hosting for all of my domain blogs and I am very satisfied with their service. Hubby says that with my current pet project, I needed a bigger hosting service. In fact, he says I needed a hosting service where in I have my own server. He even mention virtual machine server.

I am really not familiar with other hosting service except for the one I am currently enrolled. I blog, use ftp and that's all. Maybe when the project pushes through, I need to study other hosting services that is available in the market. And when the project comes into reality, my life will be easier and I will have a new career. I will no longer be just a blogger. I plan to be more than that. I plan to help other blogger along the way.


♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Congrats to the new domain!!!

I'm also thinking of compiling a blog directory, like or something, but I doubt if I can make it into a reality because I don't know what to do if ever. :D

nuts said...

wow, congrats!! yey, so happy for this big news!!

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