Friday, July 23, 2010

Car Protection Program

We have four kids, a seven year old, a five, a two and an infant. Whenever we travel, we brought with us cookies, milk, juice and a lot more food to keep the kids entertained specially during the long drive. My husband used to complain on the spills the kids left on the car floor. He says it can be damaging to the interiors of the car. I believe he is right, so I told him to buy cargo liner to protect the interiors of the car. I this will be a good decision as it an add another line of defense for our car against our kids.

I really believe that a car should be taken care of. And from time to time, I clean the inside of our car and was ashamed to see how messy it can be because of the kids. They leave their shoes there, they leave their diapers there. If you can only see our matting, it's dirty. Yesterday, I had the chance to clean it again and somewhat I m guilty of letting it to happen. I should be more responsible with it. I wish we can buy a cargo liner soon to give the car the protection it needs from our trash.


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