Monday, July 5, 2010

Cash Advance For All

Maybe not everyone knows but cash advance works for all. As long as your company permits it and as long as you are working on a regular contract and been with the company for years already, this method of emergency cash applies.

When you are too hesitant to borrow money from a loan shark or financing institutions, the safest way or means to get immediate money is through cash advance. Since you are already working for a particular company, they would not have any doubts of lending you because in a serious note, who would want to let go of their regular job just because they got their 1 month salary in advance? Cash advance is merely getting the pay for your services in a company in advance.

In cash advance, you can make a request whether you want your full salary or just a portion of it to be released. It would be all up to you but it is strongly suggested that you get only a part of your salary. In this way, there will still be certain amount left in your account. Or better yet, you can ask your financial director if you can have the full month’s salary and request it to be deducted in a series of pay dates.

If you are caught off guard and the only means left to have instant money is through getting a credit or cash advance, opt for the latter. This would be the safest and smartest way to have the money right away.


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