Friday, July 23, 2010

Cruise Baby Cruise

Cruise Ship is a passenger ship that is also called cruise liner. This is a pleasure long journey, where in the journey and the time spent in the ship and the amenities enjoyed inside the ship is part of the journey/ experience of the travelers or cruisers. The destinations is also part of the experience. In usual setting, the passengers are returned to the port where they started the cruise. The cruise take days and they go on route. As it is based on route, there are different kinds of cruises and each are named on the route it will going to take.

If you are looking for adventure, relaxation, fun and family bonding, Royal Caribbean is the cruise line for you. This offers 170 destinations. There is so much you can do. The cruise is like having a multiple vacation rolled into one. Imagine the things that are offered in this cruise. You can do Kayaking and sea surfing. And not only that, you can also experience ice skating. It's like being in different continents and experiencing different weathers.

Want a restaurant that is open around the clock? Be treated like a princess in Princess Cruises. This cruise is all about choice. The passenger can say what she likes and dislikes and the staff will make her dreams possible (at reasonable boundaries of course). Cunard Cruises is the most famous and most luxurious cruise. It sails to the seven seas. If you want a superior cruise experience, Cunard is the one for you.

Planning on a cruise can be really simple, finances aside, all you have to do is prepare yourself for some indulgence, pampering and adventure. Of course you also need to bring appropriate clothes, you wouln't want to feel cold during your ice skating experience. Other than that, no need to plan your trip, no more travel itinerary that sometimes spoil the fun.


Tetcha said...

Sana we get to go on a cruise before we turn 50. Ang tagal naman non! LOL!

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