Thursday, July 15, 2010


So you know I have been waiting for my LBC box of Megablocks and the clothes I bought last month.. Earlier, I went to my son's school and when we got home, the parcel notice was there right in front of the house! yay! yay! I can get it now! yay! yay!

And even before I can call hubby to share my happiness, the LBC truck pulled over, and yup, they are to deliver my goodies! another yay! yay!

I will post the pic soon as I can't contain my excitement.. and though I did not won the contest I joined in hopes that I can bag the first prize to cover the shipping of my goodies, I am really lucky because I have a blogger slave with me! Bwahaha When I told her I needed a $100 for the shipping, she just gave me her log in details on her paypal and it's mine! bwahaha.. love yah marce! muah!


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