Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sad But Practical

Death is one of the most evaded subject of people. They are afraid of the term and why not when it gives a very sad feeling. The people who are left behind can feel an empty emotion, next to being sad. Aside from that, there are financial obligations that are considered. Death is not as simple as dying, it comes with wake, funeral and spending. Funeral Agent are a good help when dealing with this area of death. They can give advise on the best service your dead ones can get.

Nowadays, funerals offers the most accommodating packages for the family who was left behind. They provide seats and some even provide small bedroom for the family. I think they finally understood how painful it can be to the family and offering this kind of accommodation can somehow take the pain away. Some opt for cremation since it is less expensive. You don't have to spend money for the wake and you don't have to buy a lot in the cemetery. And some chose this option because they can't bear the thought of living their love ones in the cemetery.

Reminds me of my hubby's aunt. She died last year and though cremation was not planned, her husband cannot bear her being buried. He love her that much and now more than a year after her death, the husband bids goodbye to his earth body.


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