Thursday, July 8, 2010

She IS Laughing Out Loud

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People needs to mingle, they need to socialize and since this era is all about technology, Internet, virtual dating is now gaining more and more popularity. Even psychologist believes that dating online is beneficial.

(European Journal of Social Psychology)
People who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet and are two times more likely to go on a second date.

Computer-based communication results in more self-disclosure, and can be more effective than face-to-face interaction at early stages of a relationship

Since I am already married happily, I have never tried online dating. I have been with my partner for so long even before I discover the word dating. But I checked out a dating site so I can recommend it to my sister who is very single and who is interested in online dating. I created an account at for FREE and I got 3 more month free when I uploaded my photo. I like the simplicity of the website and how easy it is to navigate around. The best about the site are they cool feature like look customization and you can also change the way you are dressed. It's amazing how the avatar laughs out when you type LOL. I already told my sister about it and she is currently signing up. I think every single out there will really enjoy this place. You can find a lot of people that are willing to date online. Remember, signing is up is FREE and when you upload a photo of yourself, you will have three months FREE. What are you waiting for single ladies? Join the site and start the fun of virtual dating.

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Hillary said...

Here in our country, there is really a lot of opportunities that offers woman to marry someone they met via online dating, accepts their proposal just by chatting then met in person, then that's it. They try to develop their relationship and ended happily.

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