Monday, August 16, 2010

Martha Cecilia's Kristine Series

15 years old. dreamy. hopeful. romantic. pocket book reader.

It was during the time when we got hold of Tagalog pocketbooks. Our world revolve around those characters. The ladies, the man and the story.

More than 10 years later, I was surprised to learn that our favorite publication house tied up with the number 1 local network. They graced the viewers with their afternoon treat of pocketbook novels turn to life. I was hopeful then that soon, my most favorite series will take the afternoon boredom away.

And I was in for a big surprise, the series was not meant for an afternoon series but more on the prime time slot. Martha Cecilia's Kristine Series is what I am talking about. So when the teaser came, I was thrilled and excited..

but part of me was in doubt. Can they live up the expectation of the 15 year old inside me? And if s, can they not bore the 28 year old woman in me?

And as expected, ABS CBN did it again.

First, the cinematography was just great. The flash backs took me back to my high school chair, my classroom and the same old spot where me and my friends read the series.

I can almost smell Paso de Blas

I love how the scenes and the way the characters are presented, it was like watching the pocketbook comes to life. Each pages was flipped right in front of my eyes and even did better than my imagination.

I must say that the choice of actors and actresses are commendable. The two young actress ( Cristine Reyes and Denise Laurel) portrays Fortalejo sisters at its truest from (Ok minus the morena part). And oh, Don Leon was just as what I expected him to be.

This show is another prime time must watch and I am hooked.


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