Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sony W350

Finally after so much contemplation, I will be buying something for myself that is a bit over 2000 pesos.It's not in me to indulge something for myself. I can buy shoes or bags that is a bit expensive but that is for them.. not for me..

Hubby is the one who buy gadgets for me.. He bought my first digital camera which was damaged by the flood.. He also bought my first nice cellphone (motorola v8) and is also damaged by Ondoy.

He bought me my first DSLR..and good thing that I managed to take it with me upstairs during the flood.. after the flood, he bough me a netbook! yay..

and no, it is my time.. I will be buying a digital camera for me in later today or tomorrow..I needed a lighter camera.. that is why..

I just ope Paypal will be faster today.. my last withdraw took 2 days.. so hopefully earlier this day, the money is already in my bank.. hahaays


Renz said...

wow goodluck on your shopping then :)

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