Monday, November 29, 2010

Garage Sales Junkie

The American practice of garage sales is quite unique, and is not to be found anywhere outside the western world. It is one of the most wonderful things in the country, especially for those people who love to shop for exotic things. You can find really great things at garage sales; its almost like a treasure hunter's paradise. From Halloween costumes to old jazz records, antique china to antique books, from historical items to stamps and coins, you can find anything in garage sales.

Some people are addicted to garage sales, and rightly so. It can be a great way to pass part of your weekend. If you happen to live, or are visiting, some historic neighborhood, things can get even more interesting. Garage sales in historic areas, especially sales offered by families living there for a long time, will sometimes let you find treasures you did not dream of finding. You could find an old book autographed by a celebrity who used to live in that neighborhood, you could find old videos or records or even clothing worn by local celebs.

Another great thing to look for in garage sales is antique furniture. You can often find really fantastic furniture at throwaway prices. A little repair job may be called for, but overall, you become the proud owner of furniture the kind of which is never made today.

Old machinery—from bikes to motorbikes to home appliances—is another great buy in garage sales. Sometimes you can actually find a gem of an item in these sales. An old HOG, for example, can be a great buy if you are a motorbike lover. You can usually do a little repair on these and make them look and work anew.

So what are you waiting for? Next weekend, keep a few hours saved for a garage sale; you will probably love it.


Jennifer said...

Got also an ukay-ukay here in CDO in what we call our Night Cafe! check my blog too, if you have time!

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