Sunday, November 28, 2010

Teaching Your Children Social Skills

We use our social skills on a daily basis. We give out compliments to friends and family, we greet our co-workers, we ask salespeople for help, and so much more. How we use these skills makes a great deal of difference in how we are treated, as well as how we are perceived by others. By learning and effectively using social skills we can get along with more people, as well as having the ability to deal with more situations successfully.

As a mother, you want your children to learn good social skills. Social skills are helpful for children whether they are interacting with their peers or interrupting their father when he’s picking out his favorite teams on sports betting sites.

Your children will be using their social skills to determine what behavior is acceptable in society. Teaching your children these important skills is relatively easy, but you need to be consistent in your instructions.

When your child attempts or actually uses a social skill appropriately, you should reward the behavior. Give the child a lot of praise. Use the situation as a teaching tool and talk about what they did right in the given situation. Also, explain to them why the use of that particular social skill was a good choice.

As your children learn social skills, they will begin to realize what to do and say in different situations and it will become second nature. This will cause them to be much more successful in their dealings with other people, as well as their peers, in future social situations.

Teaching your children good social skills is also giving them a set of survival skills. These skills will allow your children to get along well with others, without strife or conflict, maintain a sense of self-control and in general, they will have the tools for leading a successful life.


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