Thursday, January 6, 2011

Call 2121212 For QUICK Delivery

Don't you wish that you only have to call one delivery number for almost all of your favorite restaurant or food establishment?

Well, your wish is my command, er not me.. but QUICK DELIVERY.

Just call 2121212 for a quic delivery service. And they also accommodate ONLINE ordering and group ordering. Imagine ordering together without the hassles of asking around.. Here's a step by step guide on using Quick Delivery Group Ordering Service:
  • Create an account or log on to
  • Click the GROUP option
  • Add your friends by adding Colleague
  • Choose your restaurant and choose the date and time when you want it to be delivered.
  • Choose your food and finalize it, an email will be sent to your friends telling them about your group order.
  • After all your orders are finalized and ordering is closed, a representative will call you to confirm your orders.
  • And then just wait for the day you set it to be delivered.
You know my nephew is so in love with Brother's Burger and was really happy to know that it is one of the partners of Quick Delivery.


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Bongga ito ha! isang number na lang ang dapat tandaan.

Visiting from The Bloggers Exchange

Anonymous said...

Hindi bongga to! Kawawa ang empleyado ng may-ari nyang kumpanyang yan. Madami pa syang ibang negosyo pero di nya iniisip ang kapakanan ng employees nya!

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