Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Friendster To Blogger

A lot of people has been asking me how and when I started blogging. And if I started with my own domain blog or not. Oh well, I actually started blogging, in the sense of writing a documented journal or writing online, way back friendster era. Long before Facebook. I am not a good writer, in fact I always end up writing almost nothing. There is so much idea on my mind bu I just can't find the word or the right way to describe it. And then I moved to another social networking site. There, I was able to blog freely as I used my local language to write and most of the time, I just post some pics. Then I learned the word/ phrase, earn money online. From forum posting, my writing skills improved.

Now it's time to open a blog. I heard about domain and web hosting such as inmotion but I don't have the courage yet to use it. So, I tried blogger first, hence a blogspot blog. Although this is not the first blog I created, but this is the only blogspot blog existing. From here, I managed to make a domain name and then tried other blogging platforms. Now with more than a dozen more blog, I still chose to write here. This blog is, after all, my first baby.


Mrs. Kolca said...

I also started with Friendster. Another platform that I used was Xanga. I am not sure if Xanga is still there tho.

Tom Freemoney said...

A lot of people who love writing back then started in some sites like Friendster, Xanga and of course

Today, a lot of bloggers have already their own domains and hosting for more control and flexibility.

Arlene said...

hi sis, i also started with friendster. but then someone told me to write in a place where no one needs to log on so that they can ready my blahs. so my wordpress blog was born.

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