Sunday, March 13, 2011

Different Flooring Materials for Your Home

Houses are built with different designs and with different materials used. Different flooring materials are used in various parts of the house; and these materials would depend whether it will be used inside the house or outside. When it comes to bedroom floorings, your choice is no longer limited to the use of carpets. Bedroom floors should be comfortable; that should be of utmost importance in choosing the most suitable floorings for the bedrooms. Then, you have to think whether you have time to spend in cleaning the bedroom floors. If not, you can use vinyl floors or laminated flooring. These two does not require much maintenance compared to typical wood floors. If you have bathroom on the second floor, tiles are still the best material to use for bathroom floorings. As for the kitchen, dining and living room floorings, tiles or granite or marble are the most common choice. It will depend on the interior design of the house. Same philosophy applies in choosing the materials for flooring in other parts of the house; choose materials which would not require too much maintenance.

Now, let’s go outside the house; floorings are not limited to the interior part of the house but also on the outside. Different grounds would require different floorings too. If you plan to have a playground for the kids, their safety should always be on top of the list. Using plain cement for playground flooring is not advisable because accidents can happen most especially if there are kids around. Hence it is better to use rubber mulch for playgrounds. In this way kids can horse around on the floor without worrying of scratching or bruising themselves from solid cement.

As for your garden, to make it more beautiful and lively the use of landscape mulch for flooring should be considered. It creates a look of a well-maintained and well-manicured landscape. This flooring material is also good for the plants so there is no need to worry about mulch ruining the soil’s balance. The use of mulches on both the playgrounds and garden area is a wise decision to make. You achieve both safety and beauty of these house areas at the same time. These flooring materials are also used in arena footing, so if you still have space in the backyard area you may consider building a horse arena. If not; then you may just settle in making your garden look more beautiful.


kimmy said...

i can only afford ordinary tiles, lol!

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