Thursday, March 24, 2011

Online Tutorial

My friend is looking for another job. Coincidentally, I have another friend who's work is related to English tutorial. It's a bit different from pay for paper. Actually it's a lot different as explained to me by friend number 2. In their system, they guide the students in making their assignments. They read the student's answer and leave comments for students to see. The company she is working do not offer custom research paper. Friend number 1 is a teacher and her major is English, so this job really fits her. She even told me that it is what she does on their school. Checking the papers of the students and leaving comments for them to see. I guess it is a good training for the students. Someday, some of them might consider a career in the writing industry and become research paper writers. They are learning while honing their writing skills.

There was a time when I considered applying as an English tutor (due to lack of something better to do), but no, it is not my forte. I'm better off blogging and writing my personal thoughts than teaching students. I guess I can only have patience for my own students, which are my kids.


Joy said...

correct, in my case, i get job offers from my friends, but i just don't grab it at once if i know that it will just give me a pain in the neck especially if it is the field that i'm not good at :)

kimmy said...

hey, that sounds nice. how can I do that? hehe.. by the way, do you mind checking this out?

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