Friday, May 6, 2011

Nurse Uniform And Scrub Suits

I always see nursing uniform to be very pleasing, white, crisp and very clean. It's nice to see students wearing nursing uniform. This medical course requires different kind of uniform too. If I remember it correctly, the uniform for first year is different from the second year or the third year of the course.

There are nursing schools that even require their students to wear scrub suit when in dong their duty to different hospitals. And when it comes to scrub suits, the best site to visit is There are different of scrub suit here. You can choose scrub set, scrub top or just scrub bottom.

Scrubs unlike nursing uniform, comes in different colors. There are even scrubs in different prints. Some of the health workers in our Health Center wear scrub suits. Even nurses who already graduates knows that scrub is way better than their uniform while they were studying.


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