Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm $30 Richer! Thanks To PMC!

One of my first online experience is with a forum. And for some reason, it was not that fun for me.. maybe I lack involvement or as on the wrong side of it.. or maybe I am not just sociable back then. Then I discovered social earning online.. then Facebook and from there, my life, in terms of socialization changed.

I was a member of a very close group in Facebook. close in terms of our relationship to each other and close in terms of privacy.. yep that page is for members only.. as in SECRET! Then we moved to forum.. argh! although I know forum has a lot advantage, Facebook group is very accessible.. but yeah, life has to move on and I need to learn new things.

It took me a while before I got familiar with the forum and even the first Forum contest was not enough to make me stay there more.. OK, we're talking about $30 here.. just by reaching 500 posts.. by being a full member..

Then one day.. I had a vertigo attack..and I can't blog! So I stayed in the forum and it's a good thing a lot members are also online that day.. and before I knew it, I am already a full member! and $30 richer! woot!!!!

Till our next contest!


Willa said...

Congrats mars!!! kaso lang, alam ko blog ko yung My LIFE Unscripted pero iba yata ang nakalink sa iyo.Check ko nga at baka pareho kami ng title :)

nicquee said...

Congratz! Sana in the second month makahabol naman na ako. Waaaaaaaaaaa! Hirap ng kokonti ang oras online.

Conversion Doctor said...

Congratulations for the earnings... Keep it up.

Des said...

Hi Mommy! Wow! Congratulations for the win! ;D

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