Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Is Tax Extension

April is a busy month here in the country, specially for accountants and tax payers. It's tax season here. Actually, filing of tax starts earlier than April but most people just start filling and paying their tax few days before the deadline. Some countries offer tax extension when a tax payer cannot file their tax on time.

Filling of tax extension differs from each country. In some, the tax payer needs to give a valid reason why they cannot file tax on time, to what is valid or not to them, I have no idea. In some countries, one just need to fill up a tax extension form and submit it to the proper authorities and their extension will be grant.

In the US, when a tax payer files for a tax extension, they were given an automatic extension of 6 months.


kimmy said...

i believe paying taxes is everybody's responsibility. no matter how painful it is sometime, lol!

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