Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Must-See YouTube Videos to Learn How to Read Sheet Music

If the internet is the Wild West of the 21st century, Youtube is the saloon. It's the place where people meet to do most important things these days, and if you don't know the unwritten social code, you can get roasted real fast. For all that, though, it remains an important social media site for anyone wanting to share or view videos. Why does that matter? Because video is the # 1 teaching tool in the entire world, of course!

1. "#5 Music Theory: Reading sheet music" is just one of a very large number of helpful youtube user lypur has uploaded (# 1 is "How to play piano: the basics"). In spite of his hairdo, which granted looks like he plugged in the hair dryer a bit too long this morning, his explanations are clear, his theory is right on, and his comedy is even funny (well, sometimes).
2. "How to Read Guitar Tab Tabs Tablature for Beginners Lesson on Guitar Notation" is fuzzymonkey777's answer to all the piano sheet music readers out there who have conspired to keep guitarists from being able to read sheet music. His comments fluctuate between gratefulness and adoration from guitarists, probably because the vid is nice and graphical with simple, clear explanations.
3. "How To Read Sheet Music Basic Stuff (Part 1)" is a classic example of why Youtube is the single greatest internet invention ever. Here's a guy who looks like he never graduated 5th grade talking fluently and fluidly about music theory, and in a way that's much clearer than the expertvillage maestro. Don't miss the "bank robber" dude @ 1:43—definitely a classic feature of this vid.
4. "How to Read Sheet Music for Piano : Piano Lessons for Reading Sheet Music". Okay, so Annie Brunson isn't necessarily hip nor smokin' hot, but hey, if that's all you wanted has plenty of vids for you. What she does do is an excellent job of describing how to read sheet music, beginning with middle C.
5. "How To Read Sheet Music - Piano Theory Lessons" PianoLessonscom is the youtube branch of—you guessed it— With over 100 videos uploaded, there's gotta be something here you can learn from these guys, no matter what your current skill level. Like the Charlie Brown theme, for example…
6. "How to Read Sheet Music for Piano : Piano Chords & Chord Progression in Piano Sheet Music" is a video lesson that focuses a bit more on chords and their relationships to music than it does reading sheet music. But if you're having trouble understanding the Every Good Boy Does Fine approach, your brain might wrap around groups of notes easier than single ones.
7. "How to Read Sheet Music : Understanding Rhythmic Notation & Quarter Notes?" is another video that may be difficult for some people to understand, while for others it may be the only thing they understand. This particular teacher on ExpertVillage stresses learning the rhythmic value of notes first rather than the note name on the staff. An easy way to learn to read rhythmic sheet music first, then go back and add melody to the mix.

A guest post by David Turner, who most commonly posts blogs about different courses and requirements necessary to complete an online degree music.


OSeƱorita said...

There are so many things you can learn on the net. Especially this learning how to read music sheets. Before, you have to enroll in a music class to learn this. But now, with just a few clicks you can learn the basics and up to advance level. Amazing!!!

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