Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Career I Never Expected

I am very honest with every one, I did not finish my college education. And I never thought there would come a time that I can earn money, a decent amount of money. I know I can earn money through buy and sell or through direct selling. There was a time that I joined a direct selling company and earned a bit. What I did not know then was I can actually turn a hobby into something that is profitable.

I love reading books and composing thoughts, though I used to think that I am not a good writer (OK I am still not half the writer I want to be), in the end, I had a career in writing. Three years after my first writing stint, I can proudly say that I am earning now more than some who actually finished their schooling.

You too can start your career and earn money even if you are not a college graduate. You just need to focus on a skill and master it. A friend of mine is having a career as baker and like me, she also did not finish her course. IT's not too late to be the boss of your own small company, have a career now!


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